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Employees, managers and business owners who wants to regain a balance between health, work and overall, life. We often feel like we don't have control over our daily routine and our state of being, we strive to give you back that feeling that you are the owner of your health and how you feel. 

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We offer many different classes and workshops from single events to weekly sessions and from yoga lessons to stress workshops. We believe that every person, company or institution deserves a personal approach and a program tailored to their needs and environment.  

in - office

Life is busy and we can't leave work for hours on end, so we bring our classes to you, in to your office. We strive to make health, happiness and balance accessible to everyone, even if you are at work. Who says the workenvironment has to be stressful, we can make it a mindful environment too.

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We value our relations with organisations we work with.

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It is always good to concentrate on your body and breath, especially in our work. It helps you to stay focused
Our employees reported feeling more focused, relaxed and mindful and everyone would join another workshop.
— Smart.pr
Leuke vrouw, neemt haar vak serieus maar snapt ook dat wij wat moeten wennen en juicht het gegiechel juist toe.
— employee independer
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the Technical University of Delft (Architecture Faculty) started with yoga lessons in the Tuesday lunch break. I, Hadewych, had been practising yoga and to some extent meditation for a couple years, but then I realised how easy it was to incorporate classes into my long days at Uni. Instead of waking up very early, or rushing to a class after school, I could just follow a workshop at school. 

Not long after Guinevere and I came together to start what was at the time called YOOOGA...



Bendy brings movement, mindfulness and balance to you in your office. Our goal is to help employees and managers maintain not only their physical but also their mental health, while enjoying your job. Think of stress management workshops, therapeutic movements, massages and more.

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Mindfulness is incorporated in all our workshops, classes and talks. Mindfulness is key. Being aware of how you think, act and who you are will help you in all aspects of life. It will help create space for new ideas and perspectives and inspire personal development. Mindfulness doesn't need to be in the form of meditation, but it can also occur while doing the dishes, listening to music, moving your body. 



We are not your typical yoga studio, Bendy brings yoga to you, wherever you are. Our goal is to help people maintain not only their physical but also their mental health, this is what we strive to achieve. Yoga gives you a moment to slow down, in order to stay fast in the busy lives we live. 



Besides different classes and workshops on location, we also host or add to multiple events. An example is a creative student event where we taught a class and another event for students on stress management that we hosted. Do you have an event and want to add some mindfulness or activity, we and our teachers, coaches and health food cafés are more than happy to support you and the event. 


Your Step to Balance

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