Peaceful Passion at Work

[Peaceful Passion]… doing what you love, without losing yourself in the process.
— Inge
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Dr. Inge Wolsink

Yoga Teacher – Behavioral Scientist

PhD in work & organizational psychology and management

Master in social and organizational psychology

 As a scientist, I have studied what makes people creative, productive, and innovative. My work has focused on the role of emotions, attention focus, reward structures, and feedback. As a yoga teacher, I combine yoga philosophy and practice with modern scientific knowledge in order to enhance your health, happiness, productivity, and creativity. 

I am a passionate person. In my parents’ opinion, I have been from a very young age. Being passionate has lead me to explore, master, and enjoy music, dance, writing, science, travel, mountaineering, and yoga. It also gave me discipline, drive, determination, persistence, a master and PhD in psychology, and a burn-out.

In my year of recovery, I finally made time to reflect on my experiences from a peaceful perspective. Although yoga was always an important part of my life, it became a true path to recovery and reinvention when I needed it most. Diving deeper into the yoga philosophy in India, I came to understand what led me to be so ambitious, stressed, and anxious, and how our western (working) environment triggers us to constantly seek rewards and run away from fears.


We all run after desires and away from threats. It is human nature. But the practice of yoga helps us to shape our internal and external environments in such a way that we become less sensitive to the triggers that make us run all the time. My goal is to help others redefine their (work) lives with the practice of yoga, in order to be productive, creative, and innovative in a sustainable way. Because you can love and enjoy your work…while being free of anxiety and stress. You can create peaceful passion.