I first landed in a yoga class when I was searching for a replacement activity for dancing. My parents enrolled me in dance school at age 4 and it became my passion for many years, but then I started university in a new city and needed a new exercise, a new output.

At the beginning, yoga did for me the same thing that dancing used to do: to provide a physical activity that also allowed me to release emotions. Later on, I realized that it was changing my life way beyond stress relief and "letting off steam". So far yoga has made my body stronger, my mind calmer, my intuition sharper, and my heart wider.

I have practiced a variety of styles and borrow from all of them in my classes, yet I like to pay especially close attention to alignment and breathing. I believe that there is a yoga for everyone and that it can be found anywhere: office yoga, I-had-a-long-day yoga, yoga for people not buying this "yoga thing", yoga for heartbreak, workout yoga, I-had-a-great-day-yoga... you name it. Let's practice!