"I discovered my passion for barre and group fitness classes while I was in University in the U.S.. After stressful days of studying and working I found classes helped me both mentally and physically. It was a way for me to de-stress while also learning about my own body and improving my fitness levels. Once I graduated from business school and moved to NYC to pursue a corporate carrier in marketing. My true passion still lied with classes-mainly barre and boxing. In order to feed this passion, I started working at a boxing studio, adding on to my 40 hour week. I knew that I wanted to leave the corporate world and start teaching so I started studying online to become a certified group instructor and personal trainer. Once I had the opportunity to move to Amsterdam and go freelance with my desk job- I got certified in Barre as soon as I moved. Within a month of moving to Amsterdam I became a certified barre instructor and started teaching what I always loved to do!

I am currently still studying for my personal training and small group training certifications as I would love to broaden my scope and continue to improve peoples health through fitness-both on the inside and out! I am a very hands on teacher. I want my students to feel the right muscles and really understand the muscles they are working. I always want to challenge my students both in mind and body. "