Training: 500 hour pilates teacher training. Hatha and Vinyasa, 200 hour RYT at Shades of Yoga in Bali. 100 hour RYT Meditation teacher training in India, along with a Mindfulness Teacher Training at Esalen Institute in California.

Experience: teaching Pilates over 4 years, Yoga and Meditation for 2 years. Also taught yoga and meditation in schools and pilates in corporate gyms. Different workshops.

Teaching at: Pilates: K/C Move, The Movement Practice, 12 classes/week. Yoga: Yagoy, You Can Yoga, Flink, 10 classes/week. Meditation: Meditation PopUp, will start in January!

After a few years of teaching pilates, I discovered that through teaching body awareness and connection to the breath, I could help clients bring their attention to the present moment and start to turn off autopilot in the mind. After witnessing and experiencing how transformative mindful movement practices can be, I began to deepen my practice and knowledge in yoga and meditation, and completed teacher training in 2016.

For me, the most exciting part of these practices is what you take with you off the mat and into your life. I emphasize connection to the body and breath to help students cultivate mindfulness in the present moment. I focus a lot on physical alignment in yoga/pilates not only for safety but also to help students develop stronger body awareness. I have a gentle teaching approach and encourage students to be open and appreciative of whatever they experience without attaching any judgments or expectations.

Hadewych de Groot