My name is Magda. I have done many different things in my life, with various results, various levels of satisfaction and various levels of stress. Few years ago  I quit my job because I was overworked, constantly ill, exhausted emotionally and physically. I quit because I didn't know any better then.  I started to practice yoga on daily basis due to back problems. I knew yoga for some time already, but just as a physical practice. Very soon I discovered how much more is in yoga, which, by the way, is really healing back issues  I tried to incorporate meditation into my daily life, it turned out to be very challenging. Meditation in the movement seemed to be a solution and that was the beginning of new me and a new life. Life with more acceptance, inner-calmness, patience, self-love and better health.

 I started yoga teacher training and very soon it became for me obvious that sharing my knowledge and experience about yoga is what I want to do for a living. Becuase it has changed the quality of my life and I believe that everybody can benefit from practicing yoga, on many different levels.

Just after finishing teacher training I participated in a workshop with James Fox, the founder of Prison Yoga Project. And that is when I got amazed b the neuroscience behind yoga.  The tremendous effect what he has with people who, you could think, have broken lives and no future, and yet, they are able to find inner peace. So think what yoga can do with your life, in the free world.  Only, first, you need to slow down,  find time just to breathe and pay attention, find time to just be and cultivate self-care. I will lead you through that process and the improvement of your wellbeing will just follow, just like in any other science.

I am Vinyasa yoga teacher so mostly I teach active classes with a flow of movement and breath. But as I dove more and more into the science of yoga, I slowed down also my classes, so now I incorporate some more static, mindful practices in what I teach. Also, I teach recovery classes where people are looking for mental and emotional healing rather so those are gentle classes with focus on self-awareness and self-acceptance. I am constantly practicing myself,  studying, gaining new experience, participating in different workshops and trainings so I can offer more and more to my students as everybody is different and has different needs.