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Bendy consists of a community of teachers from different professions. Think yoga teachers, barre instructors, dancers, jiu jitsu trainers, pilates teachers, etc. From different background, cultures and expertises, all with the same passion for what they do. We can help you find the teacher for your studio, gym, hotel or spa.


Bendy can help you to expand your current class schedule. Do you want more weekly yoga or pilates classes in your studio or gym, but struggle to find the right teachers? That’s where we come in. We can connect you to one of the teachers in our community, to expand your schedule with.

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The trends in sport change all the time, from bikram to yoga with weights to barre. We keep up to date with the new trends in the fitness world and make sure to find teachers experienced in these fields. Are you looking to add new trendy classes to your schedule, stay up to date, with experienced teacher? See what we can do for you, by contacting us down below.

Personal approach

Bendy works hard to really know everyone in their community personally. We often get to gather and meet up with the teachers and trainers, to maintain this connection and update our knowledge on each of them. This is how we make sure we can make the right recommendation, not only to companies, but also for studios and other sport and wellness facilities.

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