T H E   T E A M


Bendy consists of a team where everyone is passionate about what they do and helping people feel the same. From yoga teachers to stress managers we all try to bring balance into peoples life, make people feel happy and mentally and physically happy. 

We all found yoga to be of immense benefit in their professional and personal life. We come from different backgrounds, but found a similar purpose While juggling work, study, family and social life, we stumbled upon a breaking point. We needed something to bring us back to who we are and help us find our own moment in everyday life! Yoga helped of us not only to clear our mind, but also we regained our focus, energy and an overall love of life.

We believe that working should not be as detrimental to your health, physical and mental, as it is today. We believe you can have a productive work day, without feeling stressed and tired when you come back home. That is why we created Yoooga, so everyone can live and work healthy, just by slowing down a moment.

We want you to lose the stress, burnouts and back pain. We want you to feel amazing, about yourself and what you do.

This is why we founded Bendy, where we teach yoga and mindfulness at corporates and other organisations, inviting you to rediscover who you are. We want you to go to and leave work happy and fulfilled, knowing that what you do is in line with who you are. (We want you to slow down in order stay fast)

To learn more about the teachers and coaches we work with take a look at our blogposts.