It all started when…

the Technical University of Delft (Architecture Faculty) started with yoga lessons in the Tuesday lunch break. I, Hadewych, had been practising yoga and to some extent meditation for a couple years, but then I realised how easy it was to incorporate classes into my long days at Uni. Instead of waking up very early, or rushing to a class after school, I could just follow a workshop at school. 

That was the beginning of what was at the time called YOOOGA.

We wanted to create not your typical yoga studio, one that brings yoga to you. Our goal was and still is to help people maintain not only their physical but also their mental health, while living your life. Yoga gives you a moment to slow down, in order to stay fast in the busy lives we live. We started with building a community of freelance yoga teachers with a passion to bring yoga into the business segment.With demands and stresslevels rising in the work environment, people are becoming more and more aware of the relevance of slowing down once in a while for productivity. Also the importance of better communication in business, especially internally, has finally come through. There has been a rise in team bonding activities, and also mediation has taken a hold. Yoga can be a great addition to these team bonding activities, helping people manage their stresslevel and creating healthy relationships within a company.Corporate yoooga at the office is highly effective in helping to reduce employee stress levels and increase your overall sense of well-being. Decreasing absenteeism, higher employee retention rates, and increased productivity are just a few of the benefits that a workplace wellness program can bring to your organization.

Over time we grew and have added onto this idea, incorporating mindfulness, stress management, workouts and even outdoor event. Also we spreaded out to universities, health care companies and even asylum seekers centres, besides companies. Because we believe that mental and physical health should be accessible to everyone, whoever you are, wherever your are. We also understand that no environment is the same, every company, every home, every individual is different and has different needs. We see every new project, new clients as different from everything we have done before, being completely open to their specific situation and what, who they need. That is what Bendy does, creating specific balance. 

Now we are a team of two, Kristie and Hadewych, and together with a group of amazing yoga teachers, mindfulness coaches and other professionals we thrive to create a balance in life. We believe that even though you have to go to work, you're a stay at home mom or dad, or have any other daily tasks, it is still possible to stay healthy and happy. It's not either or, its and and.