We offer many different classes and workshops from single events to weekly sessions. We don't have a whole list here because we believe that every person, company or institution deserves a personal approach and a program tailored to their needs and environment. 


We are proud to say that we take a lot of time to find the right kind of class or workshop and, even more important, the suitable teacher or coach for you and your environment. We acknowledge that every work-environment is different in atmosphere, but also in what they need and who they don't need. In time we have gained much experience in finding the best person for your needs and environment, always taking this as one of the most important steps in the proces. Our team consists of many different people, with different backgrounds, experiences and professions, which is how we try to find the right person for you. 


Most of our classes fall in one of three categories:

- Movement of the body

- Activating of the mind

- De-activating the mind


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Yoga combines breathing and movement. The rhythm of your breath guides the movement you make with your body. Besides moving our physical body, strengthening and stretching the muscles, we are also strengthening our mind. 

Yoga is found amongst others to increase focus and energies, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. It creates a greater satisfaction of life itself.

Because of this yoga is the foundation of what we do at Bendy, with additions like talks, stress management and workouts.



Yoga is mindfulness in movement. But there are many other ways to activate mindfulness. Think of meditation, sitting or walking and nature walks. Listening to music or activating the smell. Examples of activities around mindfulness are:


- aroma or yin yoga

- meditation (sitting or walking)

- nature walks

- breathing exercises


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Besides moving it also important to share experiences and knowledge. We can learn a lot from listening to experts but even more by asking them questions and engaging in discussion.We often combine movement with a workshop, with a conversation. Workshops on stress management, how to recognise tension in your body and more.


B E N E F I T S 


Mindfulness (be it yoga, walking meditation or exercise) increases your overall sense of well-being. It helps to manage stress, increase concentration and creativity and brings awareness to who you are and what you want. 


It has become normal, even plausible to be busy. If you ask someone how they are and they say busy, we see that as a good thing. We feel scared to say that we might have it easy at times... While when you are easy, feel like you have time you will probably get more done, feel more productive and creative. You will use more of their brain capacity instead of working on automatic pilot.


Especially mindfulness, breathing combined with movements has different benefits for your mental and physical health. This combination of breath and movement is often called yoga, we might also call it yoga from time to time. But the core is breathing, mindfulness and movement, creating self awareness.