F A Q s

How many people can join the session?

As many as the space can accommodate, up to a maximum of 20 people. 


Do you charge by person?

No we don't, we charge a flat fee per session. 


What do we need to host a session in our office? THings like mats, etc. 

A Bendy. session requires nothing more than some personal space for each person. Depending on the workshop, it may require a chair for each person.


Can we hold Bendy. sessions in an open space or the kitchen?

Conference rooms are ideal since we can remove sound and visual distraction, creating a safe and calm space. Open spaces like kitchens aren’t ideal since employees will meet here, talk on the phone or distract in other ways. If you have to use an open space, try to make sure it’s as secluded as possible, or announce to employees that the kitchen is closed for Bendy. during certain times.


Do we need to change into gym clothes?

No you don't have to, especially not with the first sessions (with exceptions of . As the sessions progress, you might chose to wear gym/comfortable clothing.


Do attendees need to have any prior experience with mindfulness, yoga or meditation?

No they don't. 


Do we need to have a certain level of fitness to join?

No they don't. Bendy.'s workshops are designed for all levels of fitness. 


How do we get our employees enthusiastic about our upcoming Bendy. session?

We will send a fun promotional flyer & a link to a video you can share with the employees. The content gives employees a sense of what they can expect in the session. We can also create calendar invites, those make sure they remember to go if they want to join.


What if we don't have enough office space? 

We prefer to teach at the office, as it makes it easier for employees to join in and it creates a different relationship with the work environment, lasting beyond the Bendy. session.