Meet Isabel

I am 24 and from UK, and up until this summer was living and working in London as an Executive Sales and Account Manager for a food and drink company (for Popchips, a healthy potato chip company, which you can buy in the NL actually). I loved the work, but knew it wasn’t a long term situation, as I was increasingly focusing on my passion of yoga. In a way not dissimilar to Bendy, I facilitated yoga in corporate spaces, within my office, or offices of affiliated companies, to allow them to have a break from normal corporate life, to decrease burnout and increase job satisfaction! 

This also mirrored a business I had run whilst doing my Bachelors degree at university. I set up the Bath Uni Yoga Society – a non-profit business which made yoga more accessible for students who otherwise might not have tired it or been able to afford it, the focus was on reducing stress, and allowing as many people as possible to see how incredible and life changing yoga can be!

Yoga has been one of the most important parts of my life for about 6 years now. I discovered yoga – or really, I prefer to say that yoga discovered me! – when I was 18, and it truly changed my life. As you can see, many of the decisions I have made, or the paths I have followed over the last few years have been very linked to yoga! This culminated in me spending this summer, 2018, in Bali, at the Yoga Barn, with High Vibe Yoga, to complete my 200Hr Yoga Alliance Certified teacher training. The training was in Hatha Yoga, but with a very Vinyasa focus, plus lots of meditation, breathwork and yin yoga.

As of this week, I am now living in Amsterdam, as I take another change in life and career path, and have started my Masters studies at the University of Amsterdam in European Studies – European Identity and Integration.